Interdisciplinary Graduate Minor in Applied Scientific Computation

The student should ensure that his or her POS meets the degree requirement.  The minor degree is available through the graduate college.

General requirements:

  1. Programming ability in high level language: FORTRAN, C, C++
  2. At least one faculty participant in ASC (e.g. teaching one of the courses below) will be on the Program of Study committee of any student in the program.  That person will be in a department different from the student’s major.
  3. Recommendation by student’s major professor and by a faculty member in the program.  Graduate research that requires a significant degree of scientific computing and is an appropriate area of science and engineering.
  4. Attendance is required at seminars offered by the program

Course requirements:

A grade of B+ (3.33) or better must be obtained in all courses required for the ASC minor.  (Any or all of these courses may be used to meet requirements of the major degree.)

  1. Three Mandatory Courses:
    Numerical analysis of high performance computing: CPrE/Math/ComS 525 or Introduction to Parallel Algorithmns and Programming, CprE/ComS 526 or High Performance Computing for Scientific and Engineering Applications CprE 425
    Two out of:

    • Numerical linear algebra: Math 562
    • Algorithms for partial differential equations: AerE/ME 546 or Math 517
    • Statistical Computing: Stat 580
    • Machine Learning: ComS 573
  2. Two courses selected from the following list.  They must consist of one in the student’s major field and one in another field.
    • Fluid dynamics and heat transfer: AerE/ME 547, AerE 647
    • Quantum chemistry: Chem 580
    • Multi-phase phenomena: ME/ChE 632
    • Multi-scale simulation of complex flow: ME 690-O
    • Computational methods in electromagnetics: EE516
    • Bioinformatics: CprE/ComS/BCB 567 Multi-scale modeling: Math 646
    • Molecular simulation: ChE 642 Finite elements with applications: Math 666
    • Finite element analysis: EM 525
    • Parallel Algorithms for Scientific Applications: CprE 626

Link to Requirements (PDF)